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Jürgen Hubert

Arcana Wiki Update

I've mentioned the Arcana Wiki before. However, since the last time, the Arcana Wiki has grown tremendously - it has now more than 1,500 pages, with several new pages being added every day!

For those who don't remember, the goal of the Arcana Wiki is "to become like the Wikipedia - if the Wikipedia was written by gamers". That is to say, it can contain entries with information on any conceivable topic, just like the Wikipedia - but in addition to the plain facts, every entry also has adventure, story, and campaign ideas you can use for your own games.

Since this is a community about worldbuilding, I'll point out some of the most interesting aspects for the purposes of this group:

  • Mythological Creatures - a large number of creatures out of real world mythology to inspire your own monsters and races.
  • Mythological Places - places of legend you can recycle for your own world.
  • Organizations - a list of real world organizations (from organized crime rings to companies) and how to apply their core concepts to gaming.
  • People - real world people who were larger than life, and who could serve as models for your own NPCs.
  • Setting Tropes - part of an ongoing effort to port over elements of the TV Tropes Wiki to make them more relevant to RPGs.
  • Random Charactes - using the tropes of the TV Tropes Wiki to generate unique character concepts.
  • Terrain - a growing collection of terrain types, both natural and artificial.

Any feedback and suggestions for improvements are very much welcome. Of course, active contribution to the wiki is even more welcome - so come and join us! :D
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