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"Also, I can kill you with my brain."


Hi! Just joined the community to find out whether an idea I recently had for an Internet resource would be useful.

I'm currently working on a novel, the first one I've written that's set in an original fantasy universe. The novel might be a dud but I am enjoying the challenge of world building. Right now I'm writing about a cluster of highly mercantile city-states, and it's become important to me to know exactly what each part of the continent produces for trade, to make sure I don't leave out any obvious goods.

So last night I started on a long list of pre-modern tradable goods, from wool to musical instruments. (Probably the more finished high quality goods, like musical instruments, wouldn't be common trade goods, but they could be depending on the world.) Obviously it's not going to be comprehensive, but even still I thought I might post it online as a resource for others, and ideally get some feedback so that it includes more objects from non-Western cultures.

So my question is, does something like this already exist? I know I've seen lists of medieval goods, but nothing precisely like this. On the same token, any resources I should use to compare my list against? So far I've just been using my imagination, this webpage, and some of my notes.
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