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The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Need advice on making a map for an unusual planet.

I have this planet in this fantasy universe, the planet is called Orion. Basically, it's enormous, artificial, and uses magic to even exist. It's got the same surface area as Jupiter, it's hollow, and supported on the inside with a matrix of adamantium beams, as well as a layer of miles-thick adamantium below the molten level. Gravity is the same as on Earth.

What I need help with is, I need to make a map of just one area of the planet. Orion has oceans so large that super-hurricanes large enough to swallow Earth go barrelling around the planet, so I figured out a basic plan for the area in question: a super-continent wraps around a sea the size of all or half of Earth's oceans; smaller continents (which are big enough to be regular continents on Earth) exist in that sea, and house humans and other civilized life. The only access to the larger super-ocean is a gap a few miles wide on one side. This design means the super-hurricanes slam into the super-continent and lose most of their energy, if not all of it, before getting to the inner ocean, becoming manageable for civilization on the smaller continents.

The trouble is, I need there to be enough air flow over the super-continent for there to be rain, so rivers can feed the inner ocean. But the super-continent also needs to be able to slow down or even stop the super-hurricanes. Is it just a function of how much land is between the super-ocean and the inner ocean? Or are mountains still necessary? I figure the edges should have higher elevation than the inside, to channel water into the inner ocean, but I'm unsure what the measurements would have to be on that scale. Do it wrong, and either all or most of the water will be blocked at the edges, or the water will pool in the middle. Or is pooling in the middle a good thing? Lakes and so on in the land between the two oceans could feed life, and the lakes could possibly make rivers to the inside ocean.

Still, I need an estimate of about what would be necessary, on at least one side, to keep the giant storms at bay and yet still be getting enough water into the inner ocean. So any help is greatly appreciated.
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